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How many puppies can a pomeranian have?

Question by Big foot☼: How many puppies can a pomeranian have?
We have a very small pomeranian dog and the male is huge. We think she is pregnant, and I was wondering if anyone new about how many puppies she can have.

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Answer by SuzyBelle04
I am not sure how many they can have…..my grandma had one but she was fixed.

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8 Responses to How many puppies can a pomeranian have?

  • drgoodhi says:


  • Sexy Princess says:

    4 puppies

  • staryeyes96 says:

    well i use to have 1 until it died of old age mine had 5 but they could have more who knows good luck!

  • horsey gurl says:

    1-5 very rarely they will have much more than that !

  • Janie says:

    depending on her size she could have from 1-5 pups but you said she was small so problibly about 2-3.

  • God sent Cathy 57 says:

    If the male is bigger than the female she will have trouble whelping. First look for her side getting big and nipples are growing. Dogs have pups in 9 weeks or 62 to 63 days. I’d take her to the vet to see whether or not she is pregnant. One to 3 puppies is normal. You might have to have a C-section if the x-rays show the pups are big. Good luck. Cathy

  • skachicah35 says:

    There is no magic number, but usually the smaller the dog, the smaller the litter. I have seen litters of 6 in chihuahuas, and litters of 1 in (healthy) Boxers, so it depends. That being said, usually 3-4.

  • Elena says:

    Poms can have 1-5 puppies. Generally 3, though.