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How much should i charge to breed my male pomeranian?

Question by country girl: How much should i charge to breed my male pomeranian?
This lady wants me to let her breed her female full blooded pomeranian with my male full blooded pomeranian. My male is registered, up to date on all his shots and vet appointments. He is 4 years old. He is solid white. How much should I charge to let her breed with him?
I know the lady well her pom is registered and stuff also.
there is already people ready to take them and take care of them after they are born and ready to leave their mother.

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Answer by Holly
NOTHING! You should not do it!
Please, don’t help out this back yard breeder.

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6 Responses to How much should i charge to breed my male pomeranian?

  • *Bluemoose* 13 days til Moka says:

    You should tell her you don’t support back yard breeding.

    The fact that your dog is registered means nothing. Is he shown? Titled? Health tested? If not, there’s no reason to breed him.

    Again, being registered is NOT the same as being breed worthy. ANY pure bred dog whose parents were registered can be registered. Unless both of your dogs are wonderful examples of their breed and have proven it in the show ring, there’s no reason to add to pet overpopulation.

  • pomsbiz says:

    Please do not let your dog out to stud. You are not a registered breeder , neither is the owner of the Pomeranian girl. have either of you had health testing done on these dogs?
    Ths should be doen before any breeding takes place. You also should both be registered as breeders with the akc.

  • Harris says:

    Don’t do it. Breeding only leads to dead or abused dogs IMO. Leave it up to real breeders who find their own stock. Remember, you cannot profit off dogs unless you abuse them. Good breeders don’t make a profit, they do it to to better the breed.

  • TVoodoo says:

    I agree with the other response, don’t do it. You would be entering into a contract with this lady, and it could screw you over.

    She will be entitled to either half of the puppies or money from the puppies, and new owners can sue you for money back if a puppy dies/gets sick. If the puppies are born white, they may be purchased to live and breed in puppy mills.

  • felixthecat says:

    $ 1,000,000.00

    …so hopefully no one will take you up on the offer.

  • chittychatty says:

    dont do it. very few people should even consider breeding their dogs. just because a dog has papers doesnt mean it is the best specimen of it breed. i feel like anyone worthy of breeding should require that they have their dog finish in the show ring first just go the the shelters and see that we dont need anymore dogs bred. it just causes more suffering